While most people were out enjoying the beautiful weather on a sunny Saturday in January, a group of seven Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Waikato Sunrise took on an unusual task – painting dog kennels! This was thanks to the generous donation of the kennels by Wintec.
Waikato Sunrise was approached by Wintec with seven dog kennels crafted by local students. Originally intended as a woodworking exercise to teach basic skills, Wintec recognised the potential for these kennels to make a positive impact in the community.
The Rotarians spent a day transforming these kennels from plain wood into vibrant works of art. These kennels are now being sold, with all proceeds going to Paws 4 Life.
Paws 4 Life operates the largest animal shelter in the Waikato region, rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming companion animals who have no one else to speak up for them.
Waikato Sunrise Rotary club extends a huge thank you to Wintec for this unique fundraising opportunity, and recognising the potential for community impact in the most unexpected places. The collaboration between education, service, and community engagement is a testament to the Rotary Club’s commitment to making a difference.
We also would like to thank those that generously donated the paint used in this project.
As these creatively decorated dog kennels find new homes, the Rotary Club of Waikato Sunrise looks forward to not only brightening the lives of pets but also contributing to the welfare of the community through the Paws 4 Life.

UPDATE: This project raised an incredible $597.00 for Paws 4 Life!