Waikato Sunrise Member at fundraising event

Some of our current major fundraising activities are:

  • Circus Quirkus: This is a professionally-telemarketed fundraising activity for underprivileged children to attend a human circus. It is held annually in Clarence St Theatre. Members assist by ushering at the event.
  • Montana Food and Events: Our key fundraising contract is with Montana Food and Events and involves members providing hospitality services at key sporting events in the city. This is a hands-on commitment, and all members are encouraged to participate regularly.
  • Balloons over Waikato: This is a major social event in the city and our involvement requires the support of many members, and others – throughout the week but most importantly on the afternoon and evening of the Nightglow. The funds we raise from this event are then donated to a special charity that is selected annually.
  • Other fundraising: At various times we undertake other fundraising activities, and we are always seeking opportunities to raise funds. Our weekly raffles and sergeants sessions also assist us with fundraising.  

2022/23 fundraising

Between July 2022 and June 2023, our club of around 40 members distributed more than $68,000 to our community.  This breaks down to $1,650 per club member, or $140 per member, per month.

In addition, we applied for a Rotary Foundation district grant, enabling our club to purchase and install five AEDs at key points around Hamilton City.